Curves & Surfaces

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Neal Hirsig's videos cover single functions by short in-depth videos.

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Bezier Curves and Circles - Handles

Video by Neal Hirsig

Text excerpt along video

Bezier Curves and Circles - Extrusion

Video by Neal Hirsig

Text excerpt along video

Bezier Curves and Circles - Loft Beveling Along a Path

The video embedded underneath explains a more complicated way of "creating a tube around/from your curve" - but if you want to bevel any other curve along your basic curve, it is hepful.

To "tube your curve" easier -

  • in your curve object data (editor window curve icontab)
  • uncheck "Front" and "Back" in the Fill area of your Shape panel
  • then increase Depth and Resolution in the Bevel Area in the Geometry panel
  • - this will create a closed circle around your curve.

Video by Neal Hirsig

Text excerpt along video

Bezier Curves and Circles - Lathe Beveling Along a Path

Video by Neal Hirsig

Text excerpt along video:

Editing Curves: Shortcuts

  • Add Handle: CTRL + Click
  • Close Path: Alt + C
  • Subdivide: W
  • Change Handle Type: V (Automatic, Vector, Aligned, Free, Toogle Free/Align)
  • Tilt: CTRL + T
  • Clear Tilt: ALT + T
  • Scale 3D Bevelling via Handle Center/Control Point: ALT + S

Roto-Bezier (Addon)

This extension enables quick and easy masking with curve shapes / animation of 2D or 3D curves for rotoscoping or other animation effects.

See the video tutorial by Jonathan Williamson on blendercookie to learn how to activate the Addon via User PReferences and how handle it.

If the Addon is not pre-installed in your Blender version (on 2.56 it is), get the Addon by Daniel Slazar from - and visit the link to see some more videos there for different use-cases.

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