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Important Note for (Future) Wiki Editors

  • TUTORIAL pages aim to list the best tutorials for mastering a chapter topic with increasing complexity and organized by categories. (E.g: Learn Basic Modeling, Box Modeling, Sculpting…..)
  • When you edit this page, keep in mind that we want to enable Blender students to learn mainly by these tuts, and use the rest of the Wiki as "textbook" reference. (Didactic structure - please join the Wiki Improvement Group on the network before editing.).
  • By nature the tutorials featured on the chapter's TUTORIAL pages of this wiki will cover more than the single chapter's topic, but they are chosen for having specific qualities for or a focus on the chapter topic - Modeling, as example.
  • Please create sub-pages for more specific Modeling Topics, here, or if appropriate in the "Advanced Modeling" chapter.
  • The tutorials listed here will be updated according to your voting. (On the tagged network linklist and via surveys.)

You are welcome to join the network to discuss and improve the ranking approach.
The goal is, to enable everyone to contribute, but find a way to solve the complex challenge in a fluent and constructive way.

Usually Wikis are public - this one demands of you to apply for editing it and joining a community. As compensation you can suggest improvements via survey without any registration or deeper involvement.
Everyone who wants to improve this resource is desired and welcome - but the approach realized here needs a connected community of editors who act as servants for the collective of contributing learners via this resource.
The ranking approach explored here yet needs manual updating.
But most important: The updates should be developed collectively.
Hence, you are welcome to contribute in any way you prefer to shape this place. Those who will edit this Wiki enjoy to listen, enable constructive contribution and finding a way to build the best architecture for the complex combination of functions.