How To Improve This Site

Contribute Via Surveys

If you enjoy to learn by this resource, please add more great tutorials you find to the surveys on the bottom of most pages !
Add the url, and a short description of the video that is helpful, this and the tagging are described on-spot on the bottom of each page.

Join the Network

Blender Learning Spaces is not just a Wiki, at its core, this Wiki is the initial collaborative project for a Learning Network.
If the Learning Network takes off, the Wiki will too. (Join here :))

The attempt to aggregate and rank the freshest and best tutorials needs improved contribution options, the attempt to build a great learning resource based on this aggregation, needs a strong network.

All readers who suggest links via surveys and all network members, who rank and discuss them, are already part of improving this Wiki - thank you for your contributions !

….but some of you (hopefully :) want to build this site as Wiki Editors:

Become a Wiki Editor

If you want to edit BLS Wiki, please join the Wiki Improvement Group, add your name to the Wiki Editor thread - and you will be invited as wiki editor by one of the admins.

When introducing you to this thread, you can include a link to your site and e.g inform what you plan to contribute to BLS Wiki.


Update Link-List:

Our continuous "basic to-do" will be to update our tagged link-list with new suggestions which where proposed via surveys, or gems we have found.
Ideally this work is done by all network members who are learning by these pages fluently; But Wiki Improvement Group members, especially those who are currently learning Blender by the wiki, please keep a special eye on this.

Every network member is welcome to propose, rank and discuss tutorials on the networks' link page - every learner benefits from this aggregation, discussions and rankings of tutorials for the same issue/topic/function/tag.
(Please be careful with your tagging, you find the correct tags on each page and on the surveys.)

If we make it a habit to "like" only our favorite resource for each issue, we can boost the effectiveness of the tagged link-lists.
(The software supports to "like" once, and to remove your like when you found another favorite to "like" for a link. When you "like " a link for the second time, it will remove your earlier "like" for this link. (-1) This eliminates cheating by multiple votes.

Especially tutorial creators are invited to promote their tuts on-spot this way - just add them to the linklist with the right tag.
Every tutorial creator is invited to do so on this network, as much every learner can be (or train to become) a "teacher" or "tutor" here.
Learners, please leave a comment on their site too, if you like their tutorial, not just on the (comparative) discussion threads on the link-list.
(Yes, this means competition between tutorial creators, but at the same time promotion and feedback as well as quick view over topics not covered yet, or to be improved. )

Develop and Improve TUTORIAL Pages:

Our main task will at first be, to develop the TUTORIAL pages for each chapter.
Each TUTORIAL page aims to list the best tutorials for a chapter organized by topics and increasing level of difficulty.
We will start by listing the most popular tutorials proposed by contributors for single pages:
Goal is, that students enjoy to learn mainly by this tutorial pages (after having got basic view over interface and navigation) and use the rest of the wiki as handbook.
Hence this page can be continually improved by tutorials which rise in the ranking.

Especially people who (want to) develop tutorials or courses will benefit from (contributing to) this work.

Tutorial Pages as Resources for (Network-) Courses

Everyone can start a course on this network. This is one core idea of this learning network.
Turbo Booster, Flow Mode, Project Based Learning, Challenges…… find the people who share your learning preferences - and train your leadership skills.
And for learners: Find the course that fits to your learning preferences.
In this early stage, course creators who assemble resources will be our most important contributors for improving tutorial pages,
on the long run, course creators can ideally use the tutorial pages as resource for putting together their course resources.

Develop and Improve Wiki Pages

Though this wiki has a focus on improving learning by videos, all other written resources should be linked to complete best access to learning Blender.
Please link the official 2.5 documentation on-spot as soon as completed, and other complementing or outstanding written resources.

Topic pages rely on videos and posts on specific functions, to enable a structured documentation by aggregated resources.
It might be a win-win idea for tutorial creator-noobs to focus on such "tool-tips" which are missing, to complete the documentation.