Introduction Video Sequence Editor

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Video Sequence Editor

"In addition to modelling and animation, Blender has a fully functional Video Sequence Editor as well as an advanced node-based editor that also manipulates a video stream." (Quoted from wiki)

This means a video editing software, which allows your to cut films from your animations, or cut your blender animations into other film material. (!)

Read the old documentation wiki page(interim) for a written introduction to the Video Sequence Editor.

Basics Editor, Import and handle Audio Clip, Render Tips

For a video tut based introduction to the VSE see this tut by David Ward on blendercookie

Overlay of Two Video Clips, Title Slide (Gimp), Audio

See Jonathan Williamson's tut "Video Sequence Editor - Title Slide and Callout Video " on blendercookie

"In this tutorial, I import a video clip into the Video Sequence Editor as a “base” clip. Then I import a second video, which I show how to overlay onto the first one by using a “Transform” strip effect, resizing and positioning with the controls in the Properties Panel. Next I go into Gimp and create a title slide png, and import that back into Blender, and superimpose it on top of the first two video clips. Finally I bring in an audio clip, and export out to mpg." (Jonathan Williamson's description on blendercookie)

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