Material and Texture Tips

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Addon: Import Images as Planes

Quoted description: In this quick Blender 2.5 video tutorial we showcase another addon that is bundled with Blender 2.55. The Import Images as Planes addon allows us to import images into Blender and automatically assign them to the UV channel of mesh planes with the correct aspect ratio.

video by Jonathan Williamson

Very helpful !

Enable Adoon:

  • Headermenu: File -> User Preferences -> Addons Tab -> Import/Export -> Activate "Import Images as plane"

Use Addon:

  • See location: File -> Import -> Images as Planes (try - load image via file browser :)
  • Plane appears and has image assigned and automatically same ratio as the image
  • ALT + C: switch into texture view / alternatively N for opening N-Panel in 3D viewport window and checkmark "Texture Solid" in Display panel
  • Image applied as UV texture map

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